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Bell: Poilievre tangles with … er … Trudeau’s B-Team

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Pierre Poilievre is in Ottawa. The politicians are back.

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People’s money is being eaten away. The rising cost of groceries alone is obscene, going up higher year over year than many Canadians have seen in their lifetimes.

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The federal Conservative leader wants to start swinging.

He wants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to nix tax hikes on paycheques and gas and groceries and heat.

But Trudeau is not in Ottawa.

The master baker of sweet-sounding, empty-calorie politics, the man overseeing the wreckage of what was once heralded as sunny ways, is expected back Thursday.

You see, Trudeau is at the United Nations in The Big Apple.

He’ll meet the president of the Republic of Suriname.

He’ll be in a roundtable chinwag with Hillary Clinton pondering the benefits of inclusive job growth.

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Then there’s the event for a “Nature Positive World” where Trudeau will be hanging out with his green guru Steven Guilbeault, the tower-climbing activist also known as The Green Jesus of Montreal.

The prime minister’s office says he will also “advance innovative solutions to the global food crisis.”

The man has a lot of things booked at the talk-a-thon.

This is the global gabfest where UN bigshot Antonio Guterres, a member of the Portuguese Socialist Party, slammed the oilpatch as “killing the planet to rake in the most” and politicians “who play to people’s worst instincts for partisan gain.”

Is he pointing to the likes of slamming-the-elitist-gatekeepers Poilievre, since on this side of the border that’s exactly the accusation hurled at the new federal Conservative leader by his detractors?

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We know Trudeau recently said: “Now is not the time for politicians to exploit fears and to pit people one against the other.”

He was aiming at Poilievre.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during Countdown to COP15 Leaders event at Central Park Zoo in New York City on September 20, 2022.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during Countdown to COP15 Leaders event at Central Park Zoo in New York City on September 20, 2022. BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images

In Ottawa on Tuesday, Conservative members of parliament look to be in high spirits and are ready to mix it up, even without Trudeau looking down his nose at them.

Even before Poilievre steps up to bat in the House of Commons question period, one Quebec Conservative MP slams wokeism with its tactic of “ostracizing anyone who dares disagree with the self-righteous.”

For the Conservative MPs, the times they are a-changin’.

Conservative MPs don’t feel they have to massage their message or walk on eggshells or look over their shoulders, fearing their own political shadow.

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They believe Poilievre is a fighter who is not easily intimidated and will take the fight to Trudeau rather than play in the prime minister’s sandbox.

Poilievre and other Conservative MPs go after the Liberals, the designated hitters on Trudeau’s B-Team, with their boss out of the country.

They push again and again for the Trudeau Liberals to kibosh planned tax hikes.

Poilievre points to the outrageous increase in the price of housing. Then there’s food prices. Then there’s higher taxes.

And Liberal plans to help some Canadians will see any benefits swallowed up by inflation.

The Trudeau Liberals do their song and dance.

For them, Liberals support Canadians and Conservatives don’t care.

For them, eight out of 10 families make money on the Trudeau carbon tax.

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They are putting money in people’s pockets, don’t you know.

They are making life more affordable for Canadians.

Surely you must feel that happening. Not!

In the world of Liberal talking points, crafted by people who don’t have to worry about making ends meet because they’re making a very good buck on your dime, Trudeau and company are delivering on affordability in so many ways.

It is a day where we are told inflation is cooling a bit. Pardon me if I don’t break out the party favours from Dollarama.

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The federal NDP finally wake up and realize Poilievre is cutting their grass, this self-styled party of the working class who has lost their way.

They insist Poilievre is not in it for you. He is a friend of the corporate elite.

We’ll see how that movie plays.

John Barlow is a Conservative MP from southern Alberta and, even when he’s stuck in the hot air of Ottawa, he speaks his mind.

He figures if the Trudeau Liberal politicians ever got out of their trendy coffee shops or the Air Canada lounge they might have a different perspective.

As for Poilievre and Trudeau squaring off, Barlow believes the PM is “running scared.”

“But he’ll have to face Pierre Poilievre one-on-one and it’s not a standoff he knows he can win,” says the MP.

“He’s going to have to face one of the most difficult adversaries he’s ever had. Trudeau is going to have to face the music.”

And, when he does, we all know the song won’t be Bohemian Rhapsody.

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