Deal Alert: 50% Off the Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet (Only $199) - IGN

Deal Alert: 50% Off the Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet (Only $199) – IGN

Arcade1Up released its popular Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet in early 2021 at a starting price of $399.99. Today Walmart has it for 50% off, bringing the price down to only $199 with free shipping. Arcade1Up cabinets come flat-packed, which means that some easy assembly will be required on your part.

Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat Cabinet for $199

Arcade1Up is known for releasing high-quality recreations of your favorite arcade games, and the Mortal Kombat cabinet (or is it Kabinet?) is no exception. This 3:4 replica of the arcade original stands at approximately 4 feet tall. complete with nostalgic Raiden artwork adorning both sides. Two players can join in head to head with the pair of arcade joystick and 6-button controls. Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 are all included. However, if you wanted to take a break from all that pixel gore, there are nine other games to sate your appetite, including Joust, Defender, Rampage, Gauntlet, Paperboy, Rootbeer Tapper, Bubbles, Toobin, and Wizard of Wor.

We actually reviewed an earlier sample of this arcade cabinet, and we thought it was well worth the (original) price tag. At this price it’s a steal.

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