Get a Framed PSP 1000 Model for $119 for Black Friday

Get a Framed PSP 1000 Model for $119 for Black Friday

With the holidays quickly approaching, Black Friday is a good time of the year to start buying gifts for your loved ones (and save some cash in the process). If you are looking for a creative and artsy gift idea for the tech lover in your life, Grid Studio's hosting a Black Friday deal on their website with up to 48% off.

The two products Grid highlights in the sale are its iPhone 4S and PSP 1000 frames. You can get a framed, disassembled iPhone 4S for just $99 (usually $169) or a PSP 1000 for $119 (usually $229). While the rest of its products don't have major price reductions like these two frames, Grid Studio is offering 15% off for all its other products when you enter code BF15 at checkout.

Grid Studio offers a wide array of tech frames from smartphones to iPods; the most popular ones include frames of retro gaming handhelds, such as the Game Boy Color and Sega Game Gear. But the company has expanded into controllers, such as the Nintendo Gamecube Controller, the Wii Remote, the Xbox One controller, and the original DualShock controller.

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