Gotham Knights is Already Down to Just $35

Gotham Knights is Already Down to Just $35

Only weeks after its initial release, Gotham Knights has dropped to just $35 during the Black Friday sales, which is 50% off the original list price; F's in the chat for anyone who paid $70. This is a huge discount, especially for such a recent game. But, the price point definitely shouldn't be how you judge a game, so here's all the deal info you need if you're looking to pick it up before the holidays for yourself, or as a gift for a fellow Batman fan in your life.

Retailers are really ramping down the prices for Black Friday at the moment and throwing out some big savings. Walmart has weighed in now with big savings on Gotham Knights for both PS5 and Xbox Series X. The title is currently available for $35 (down from $69.99), which, depending on your opinion, may or may not be a steal. If this deal doesn't interest you, we've also got a host of other great gaming deals at the end of this article; or you can check out our full Black Friday gaming deals roundup here.

Gotham Knights Has Dropped to $35 for Black Friday

We'll be honest, we understand if you wanna pass this deal up. A lot of people didn't really like this game, we were pretty underwhelmed. The story was a bit weak, the combat was boring, and the frame rate was very inconsistent. We also just kept running into a lot of bugs that ranged from fairly amusing to annoying and hindering. It wasn't quite the triumphant return that many of us had expected.

But that's just us, a lot of people find this game a whole heap of fun, and if you're one of those people, then here you go. Have all the fun for only 50% of the cost.

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