Harcourt-Carisbrook grand final off-field brawl sees footballer given red card

Harcourt-Carisbrook grand final off-field brawl sees footballer given red card

An off-field brawl at a football grand final in regional Victoria became wilder when a football player allegedly jumped the fence and started throwing punches.

The fight broke out at Princes Park in Maryborough, where Harcourt was playing Carisbrook in the Maryborough Castlemaine District grand final on Saturday.

The umpire reported the player, giving him a red card. 

The league said it was investigating the incident and would penalise people found to be involved.

Police said no one has been charged in relation to the violence at the sporting ground.

The fight broke out between spectators half-way through the third quarter of the game.

The video shows it began with two spectators, with people rushing over to pull them away from each other.

A football player then jumped over the fence and allegedly started punching a person.

The footage shows the brawl breaking out into three separate altercations, being broken up, and the player jumping back onto the field to continue playing.

Harcourt defeated Carisbrook 58 to 50.(Supplied: Harcourt Football Netball Club)

League ‘appalled’ by violence 

A spokesperson for the Maryborough Castlemaine District Football Netball League (MCDFNL) said an investigation into the incident was underway.

“The MCDFNL is appalled by the actions of a small section of the crowd at the recent grand final,” a spokesperson said.

“This behaviour does not align with the expectation and values of the league and an investigation will be undertaken to determine who was involved and appropriate action will be taken.

“The MCDFNL apologises to those who were witness to this event and will apply sever sanctions to those who are found to be involved in such behaviour.”

It comes just one week after a brawl at a country football grand final in northern Victoria

Harcourt defeated Carisbrook in the MCDFNL grand final 58 to 50.

Victoria Police confirmed they attended the incident and didn’t arrest or charge anyone.

“Police were called to reports of a brawl at a sporting ground in Maryborough,” a spokesperson said.

“Three men involved in the incident were moved on by police.

“There were no serious injuries or formal reports of assault to police.”

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