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Letters, Nov. 20: ‘It’s a one-way street dealing with Freeland and Liberals’

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To those of us belonging to the grey haired persuasion, while in Calgary the other day, Chrystia Freeland sounded very much like a badly scratched vinyl record repeating the same thing over and over. Same script, same phrases, same utterances that Albertans have heard ad nauseum — naughty, naughty for even considering backing off on the egregious carbon footprint tax, proposing any relief for stricken taxpayers and we already know that the prime minister of Quebec reserves the notwithstanding clause exclusively for La Belle Province. Chrystia boldly pronounced that the federal government could and would be prepared to work with Danielle Smith and the Alberta government. Now wouldn’t that be a treat, after the bent knee capitulation that Jason Kenney lavished on the federal Liberals. But the only problem with this scenario is that it comes at the cost of Alberta caving to the whims of a petulant Justin Trudeau, without any commensurate reciprocity. After many years in business, I have come to realize that the best enduring relationships arise when both parties respect one another and the best contracts come when a win-win is achieved. It should be apparent to everyone by now that Justin and his cohorts only consider that a good deal has been achieved in a heads, I win, tails, you lose scenario. Chrystia, even though you have been designated the virtual Liberal representative for Alberta, please, please stay down east and out of Alberta’s affairs.
(Justin’s stooge.)

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Our brilliant city council is at it again — a 5.2% tax increase without knowing how much the province will want. So let’s say it totals 6%-7% combined. Please give me your crystal ball and tell everyone how you see seniors in their homes for 40-50-60 years on fixed incomes, or those that the city spends million of dollars on to get people off the street are going to keep up with the rape your doing to the seniors or average citizens. This will just add to the over burden city and province have looking after these people. Instead of the Green Line or billion-dollar library or whatever your pet projects are, help us, the regular working stiff homeowner. Fix the roads, cut the grass, clean up the garbage, hire more police, get Calgary safe again. All other great ideas like climate mitigation and the rest of your woke projects needs to be scrapped because we do not need it. I’m sure each one of us know the difference between wants and needs. With inflation like it is, most can’t cover much anymore, we are tapped out and don’t point your fingers at the province for help, they are doing their part, when will you start to do your part city hall?
(Sadly, there are too many flights of fancy still to take.)

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A recent poll has the NDP ahead of Danielle Smith’s UCP. If this holds true and we end up with a socialist NDP government next May, then we must accept the wishes of the majority. That’s our democracy. However, I would caution those non-socialist voters. If we end up with a NDP government, please don’t dare complain when: we have much closer ties with Justin Trudeau, we have an expanded carbon tax, larger government with many more bureaucrats, policies against oil and gas and subtle tax increases. Now you know better and that your socialist mayor who was supported by many unions has the lowest rating of any Calgary mayor — ever. With potential 5.2% property tax increases and 10% increases in transit, you now know what socialist leaders do. Unrealistic promises, then spend, spend and tax. They talk about the cost of living then give many excuses for increasing your tax burden. Did you vote for Jyoti Gondek based on NDP-style fear mongering? This said, I must believe the people of Calgary won’t be fooled again, can you? You’re not that naïve, are you? Meanwhile, knowing emotional voters have a very short memory, I would request the Calgary Sun allow me to resubmit this opinion next April.
(Alberta needs the NDP running the show like it needs rats.)

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Calling the G20 leaders attending the Bali summit ‘powerful’ is laughable at best. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. These men and women world honchos have absolved themselves of accountability and are nothing but demolishers and wreckers of their countries. Many of them have brought enormous debt upon their citizens and are destroying their people’s way of life. Their decision-making processes have created out of control inflation, massive energy bills, outrageous justice systems and declining health services. Some of them like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are so frenzied on climate change, they have forgotten the other important facets of running a nation. They are all a bunch of arrogant megalomaniacs who have poor skills in running a country productively. These summits are nothing more than taxpayer-paid, selfie holidays where the only thing that gets accomplished is the stench they leave behind.
(And you are paying for it.)

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I saw an article about the masking debate that is firing back up in Ontario. There was mention regarding Premier Danielle Smith’s earlier commitment to not mandate masks again. It got me thinking about her comments about how some Albertans faced discrimination because they would not get vaccinated. Just to clarify, I supported the mask mandates (didn’t like them) and I’m fully vaccinated and have all the boosters I can get. As I thought about Premier Smith’s comments, I started to think about a day last year just before Christmas when I was at Costco. I recall a number of people in the store without masks, some even commenting about their right to not wear one even though there was a mandate to do so. I recall thinking not nice things about those people despite knowing nothing about them. I scoffed a little when Premier Smith made her comments about people being discriminated against because of their beliefs. When I look back on what I was thinking and saying about people who didn’t want to get vaccinated, I can’t help but see that I was part of the problem. If I had done the same, based on someone’s religious beliefs or other beliefs, it would be considered discrimination. I have had COVID (mild symptoms) once, after flying with a bunch of people wearing masks and supposedly vaccinated. I’m not implying that apologies are in order, but we need to learn from our past experiences and try to do better.
(All this division is clearly not good for society.)

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Mayor Jyoti Gondek and council: Here is some news for all of you. Approval is earned, not bestowed on you because Calgarians were duped into voting for any of you. Collectively you represent the most inept bunch that we has seen in this once fair city. So Jyoti thinks it’s because we are in tough times, well surprise, lady, you and your cohorts are the biggest single reason for our despair. Yes, we are incredibly frustrated with all of you. Try making some easy decisions like fixing the disgraceful conditions on the streets and roads. And stop taxing the heck out of us on an endless basis. Remember your first pronouncement of a climate emergency? Abusing taxpayers’ funds by taking it to give yourselves free security systems? Did you ever wonder why this was never needed with any previous council in Calgary’s history. Jim Prentice once said look in the mirror. All you sad sacks on council should try that. Here is a thought for all voters in Calgary, I often hear complaints about council members’ very generous pensions. Well this is really easily solved. To get these obscene amounts, they must serve two terms, well just never vote for these members again. Fool us once, shame on them, fool us twice shame on us.
(An embarrassment to the city.)

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Re: Crescent Rd. N.W. and park: The city better get their park revisions in the area correct or as they have stated, more seating, say what? This attracts even more people, zig zagging the road will still bring problems. The biggest problem by far is the people who continue coming up here after 11 p.m., 1-2 a.m. crank up their music, loud talking, yelling night after night. Trust me, you are immediately awake. Signs saying no parking are completely ignored. CPS does not do parking tickets, we were told. Camera cars? Those parkers simply lift the trunk so you cannot view licence. The other mistake the city made, years ago, putting the steps at the top of the ridge, meters away from people’s homes, plus a viewpoint deck. Late at night, this is crazy at times. What did work is the closing of the road for six months, most people have double garages in the back lane, so for the small inconvenience this was really, really incredible. Six months goes fast, holidays, Stampede etc. More out walking etc., no more of someone in front of your house at 2 a.m. blaring music, etc. All at very little cost to the city, just road closure barriers. Oh and really cold weather like last Monday works as well. They say this is very special road because of the panoramic view — city, river, mountains one of a kind. And it truly is. We have lived here since 1976.
(It’s a beautiful view and other people want to enjoy it.)

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Bank customer(s) beware! I was with my 77-year-old husband today at a bank at Chinook opposite Home Depot around11:30 a.m. in the bank parking lot. I was getting my banking together to go into the bank when an unknown male opened the back passenger door and started rummaging through my back seat. I immediately turned to grab my purse between the seats and screamed and said I was phoning 911 at him and to get out of my vehicle. All he got was a reusable shopping bag. I was lucky. I told the bank manager and gave him a vehicle plate and descriptions of the man plus his accomplice, who was in a small black Honda vehicle situated beside my driver door. Please let readers know these people are out there and just waiting for a crime of opportunity. Also, please support our police department and stop defunding our law enforcement. The city needs to support all crime fighting initiatives to put a stop to crime before it gets to acts of desperation like I witnessed first-hand today. The bank in question might want to think about getting a security guard permanently like the Chinook CIBC employs to keep the public safe. Please let other readers know and to be aware, so they can keep safe as Christmas is fast approaching, thank you.
(Desperate dirtbags are everywhere in this city and our governments are creating more every day by making life unaffordable.)

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Developed countries average about 25-35 working taxpayers per one government employee on all levels of government. Canadian average? About five taxpayers per one government employee. Small example. Germany has a population of about 90 million with a government work force of about 1.9 million public servants. Total of 15 ministries and one central government to serve and govern about 90 million people and all their affairs and country’s needs. Canadian population of about 36 million is governed and served by 4.4 million government workers, 29 ministries and 10 provincial, three territorial and one federal government. And let’s not forget hundreds of thousands of retired government workers, that are collecting those huge pensions that average Canadian retirees can only dream about. Getting the picture? The biggest problem now is that this Canadian government monstrosity is running out of ways to squeeze money out of us, in order to finance and sustain their numbers and ways. Government employees and retirees get their wages and pensions inflation adjusted (increased). And us, the people who pay for that? Our inflation adjustment means tighten your belt and keep supporting/financing needs and their mindless spending.
(Makes for an easy choice next provincial election, eh?)

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Pot/kettle! … Honestly, when is Gian Carlo Carra going to realize what a hypocrite he is every time he wants to restart the councillor bashing of a guy who was already punished for his misdeeds 25 years ago! He must be of the mindset that “any publicity is good publicity” but in his case, every time he opens his yap about ethical standards of other council members it makes my blood boil! Again he wants to voice his disdain for Coun. Sean Chu at a special meeting? Our property taxes are going up by ridiculous rates while Carra tried to dupe the citizens of Calgary only a year ago. If this is what we are paying our local politicians to spend their time on, then I say, “let’s go all in!” Let’s reopen the Carra investigation. Let him be re-vetted in case there is more to his corruption! Seriously, someone needs to muzzle the moron!
(How do these people get elected?)

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Re: Brian Lilley: Don’t hold your breath Trudeau will get tough with China. Starting with Pierre Trudeau, who admired China’s Chairman Mao, Liberals have had a cozy relationship with the CPP. Jean Chrétien led several trade missions to China and when he left politics did business with that country. Justin Trudeau said China was the country he most admired as its leader had no restraints. Shortly after Justin Trudeau became prime minister, a Chinese businessman generously donated $1 million to the Trudeau Foundation. Former ambassador John McCallum was forced to resign after his comments praising the CPP during ongoing negotiations about the incarceration of a Huawei CEO. Now we learn China interfered in federal elections and has rogue police offices in Toronto. Trudeau is certainly out of his depth trying to stop the CPP interfering in Canada’s sovereignty.
(It is most worrying.)

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As a senior, I’m getting really upset with having to pay for parking to see a doctor, pick up a prescription, or simply visiting a dying relative! As a property manager for 30 years, I can tell you all, it is nothing but a money grab. Every tenant in every property pays operating costs. Those costs are for the upkeep and maintenance of the property. To charge someone who is there for a specific reason is outrageous. When I complain to my doctor, or whoever, the response is always the same, it is not their fault, it is the property owner who is charging. Then there is the excuse that people are parking on the lot then jumping on the LRT, or going elsewhere. In that case, all the property owner has to do is put up signage saying two- or three-hour parking only. That would at least give us time to do our business, then be gone. To charge a person from the second they enter the property is ridiculous, and those tenants need to inform the property owners. There are plenty of empty buildings with free parking just waiting for new tenants!
(Paid parking in hospitals is adding insult to injury. It’s garbage.)

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I am so sick of people like Robert Wayte, “Wingnut gang refuses to mandate masking.” In my opinion, if you need a government to tell you to wear a mask, who’s the wingnut? I fly for work on a monthly basis. I still wear a mask on planes. It’s my personal choice. So why is it so hard for people to make a decision for themselves? If you feel the need or feel safer, wear the darn thing. As for all the sick children we are experiencing in the past couple of weeks, why are there no children’s medications on the shelves? The federal government knew about this issue since April and just did something about it two days ago. Talk about causing a burden on our health care that could have easily been avoided by the powers that be. To me, that is a lot more concerning .
(There’s a lot of telling each other what to do these days.)

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Someone from the city parking control needs to go around and find the companies that do the malls. There is maybe one out of 10 malls that have the handicapped stalls cleaned off. At one time, you were fined big for having snow and ice on the stall. City, get your ass out there and do something. I walk with two canes and both have ice picks on them, too hard to push my walker around the road … I am very careful because I can’t fall. I will have no problems fining the mall, the company that does the mall and the city. There is no reason why the malls aren’t cleaned well and that is being cheap and lazy. You have been notified.
(Six months with Calgarians climbing over chunks of ice is not a job well done.)

So, our most unpopular mayor wants Coun. Sean Chu to resign. I’d be willing to bet, should the public be polled far more Calgarians would support Gondek resigning! I’m getting so tired of her “flogging this dead horse”. The past is past, move on. Her refusal to accept his apology shows just how petty our mayor is. Getting rid of Chu has become an obsession for Gondek. For God’s sake, Calgarians have so much more to be focused on, rather than bike lanes, inconveniencing traffic at every possibility, slowing a major thoroughfare (John Laurie Blvd.), inflation, and this prior to being elected unfocused on climate emergency, stabbings and shootings, I could go on, but you get the picture.
(It is not a good situation.)

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Well, our boy PM has been chastised by the Chinese president. Go figure, he makes a fool of himself/Canadians every time he goes somewhere. He opens that trap and puts his foot in his mouth. He is the laughing stock of the world. He just put sanctions on the Iranian Republic/bad guys. When is the last time anyone from the government of Iran has come to Canada. Never, more useless sanctions against Iran. Promised more aid to Ukraine. We promised Ukraine artillery shells (100,000), but can not get them. Sent them armoured vehicles, that no one figure out why. The company even said it could not figure out why. They were built for border protection and police. Not war. Trudeau, please leave. Give someone that can lead a chance.
(He’s all ours and he’s not going anywhere.)

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Why are Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates attending the G20 conference? Neither one of them have been elected by the people and yet they can set or influence policy? The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a reincarnated Comintern. Those of us who are old enough and remember the Red Peril of the East that Comintern is Communist International. The policies and ideas of Schwab and his minions are nothing less than communism. A world government, severe and harsh regulations, a command economy, and restricted or no freedoms. Schwab’s goals are total subjugation and domination of the people by a world state with him as leader. When Lenin coined the term useful idiots, he knew that some were naive and gullible to believe the lie that tyrants act benevolently and have the people’s best interest at heart. The useful idiots are paving the road to their own enslavement and the so-called woke are in the deepest sleep. I am not pessimistic about the future. History is littered with one failed socialist policy, government after another and the WEF’s schemes will fail, too.
(The people are fed up and won’t tolerate false idols.)

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Donald Trump should heed warnings and bow out gracefully, Thursday’s comment page. Maybe not enough space but you failed to mention that Trump is under investigation for sexual assault, tax evasion, real estate fraud, obstruction of justice, collusion, witness tampering, conspiracy to defraud, espionage and treason. Hopefully most Americans will take that into account when 2024 rolls around.
(Do you think many of them even care about his shortcomings?)

The International Monetary Fund has recently estimated that the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the subsequent energy crisis it triggered, will provide Middle East oil producing nations with an additional $1 trillion over a four-year period. As the fourth largest producer of oil, and the fifth largest producer of natural gas in the world, this should obviously help Canada’s finances as well. Surprisingly, over a four-year period, our country has added over $1/2 trillion to our national debt, but has there really ever been a “strong business case” for this kind of fiscal incompetence? You wouldn’t think so.
(Canadians have every right to be furious the way this government has hampered our energy industry.)

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‘If you want to wear a mask, just do it already’ Nov. 18, is an old argument made by people who don’t understand how masks work. Masks are better at stopping a sick person, breathing out large droplets, than they are at stopping uninfected people breathing in small droplets. In essence, you wear a mask to protect others from your germs. As soon as you make the wearing of masks optional, you greatly reduce their effectiveness. Having large numbers of infected people unmasked not only risks everybody’s health related to that disease, it overwhelms the medical system, causing delays in the treatment for other sick people. Those delays increase suffering and can cost lives. How many lives have to be lost before we make mask “recommendations” mandatory? The “freedom” argument rings rather hollow for those who die needlessly, whether it’s from preventable diseases or due to an overwhelmed health-care system.
(If we’ve learned one thing these last few years it’s that we can’t tell other people what to do.)

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For the last couple of years, many Canadians have been well aware of the truth and reconciliation national holiday that exists now so that we can all better understand Indigenous people and how we can make life better for them. Sept. 30 is set aside so that we can all reflect on the horrors of what happened in the rural native schools under the direction of the church and government. And what great timing that the 2022 Miss World Canada beauty pageant was won this year by an Indigenous lady for the very first time in the contest’s history. I think that we all knew that she was a shoo in from the very start of this competition. Miss Emma Morrison is certainly a fine lady and will be proud to represent her people.
(Congratulations, Emma.)

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Just a note to you self-righteous councillors and others wading in on this Sean Chu affair (listening Jeromy? Brian?). A quick fix to oust a councillor that doesn’t fit Queen Gondek’s ‘yes ma’am’ mould is to take advantage of the “Recall Act” of April 2022. Let the ward folks that originally voted them on council decide if they are fit to continue representing them or not. The simple rules are already in place. At least this way Calgary’s egotistical council can waste their time on attempting to bolster their failing popularity rather than on this 25-year-old issue.
(Twenty five years or not, this will drone on for ages until there is a satisfactory resolution.)

Do you feel safe in Calgary? What is wrong with parents of young people today? A number of businesses in northeast Calgary want to justifiably block teens from entering Village Square and Country Hills malls, theatres, businesses continually experience teens from nearby schools wilfully destroying property, stealing, smoking inside, doing or sharing drugs, shooting pellet/air guns at employees and customers. Caught on camera, police regularly respond yet for some reason parents continue to protect these kids, blaming business owners. If adults including nearby schools, parents, city council, the mayor and general public don’t get a handle on this ASAP, we’re going to have two large areas in Calgary that will end up being run by gangs. Currently federal law defines the term gang as ‘an ongoing group, club, organization, or association of five or more persons with one of its primary purposes being the commission of criminal offences/crime’. As greater than 52% don’t feel safe in Calgary day or night, I strongly suggest council prioritize and handle more important problems in these two areas, at Ctrain stations and on Ctrains than taxing paper bags and taking pictures of the mayor’s licence plate.
(Separate issues that can and should both be dealt with harshly.)

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