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Letters, Nov. 22: ‘Why does a green mayor drive to work?’

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Wait a minute … Jyoti Gondek has a car!? I thought even a bicycle would have too big a carbon footprint for the Queen of Green! I expected perhaps something ultra renewable for somebody so dedicated to the climate emergency. I pictured her riding a conveyance of wood and straw: completely renewable, and zero emissions. But I guess despite all the virtue signalling, she is a mere mortal after all, just like the rest of us.
(What’s wrong with transit?)

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Is it any coincidence that a week or so after the dismal survey results showing the low regard for our city council were published that the Mean Girls of council swing into action? The mayor and her sidekick, Sonya Sharp, rake up the whole Sean Chu mess again. Is their message that Mr. Chu is really bad so the rest of us must be really good? The masterful art of distraction or as Ms. Sharp phrases it, “messaging”. The silliness continues unabated.
(Not sure about that sidekick thing but they have every right to oppose Chu.)

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Re: Health-care shake up. I think everyone agrees that our health-care system is broken. We all want/need a strong health- care system. The front-line workers are usually, and rightfully praised. But yet the system is still failing. The solution of throwing money at it and increasing union positions hasn’t worked. The previous board has been ineffective. What’s Einstein’s theory of insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting different results. Gotta try something different, and it starts at the board level. The bottom-up approach hasn’t worked.
(The system must change.)

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Having read the latest media reports on the Emergencies Act inquiry, I remain convinced that Justin Trudeau invoked the Act because he simply couldn’t tolerate the Canadian public challenging his authority. Canadians who had lost their jobs because of his government’s mandates travelled great distances for an opportunity to have the federal government hear their concerns. To his shame, Canada’s prime minister ran away and hid so as not to have to meet with the protesters he so publicly despised. It was his disrespect for democratic principle that led to the Ottawa occupation and Trudeau should apologize.
(You may be right.)

I experienced an eerie sense of deja vu when hearing the prime minister’s recent response to reports of Chinese interference in the 2019 federal election. “Let me be clear, I do not have any information, nor have I been briefed on any candidates receiving any money from China,” Justin Trudeau said. Recall his response to reports as the SNC-Lavalin scandal was closing in on him. “The allegations in the Globe story are false. Neither the current nor previous attorney general was ever directed by me or by anyone in my office to take a decision on this matter.” We’ve definitely been here before, haven’t we?
(‘I know nothing, nottthhhhing’.)

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