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Letters, Nov. 23: ‘Honest answers hard to find at Emergencies Act inquiry’

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Another, after yet another, after yet another, etc., cover-up, contradiction, conflict between testimonies of various witnesses at the Emergencies Act inquiry. This is an Act that is to be used under very specific circumstances, not an Act to be interpreted by various parties to fit an agenda. Typical of our PM, deflecting, passing the buck all his career. Typical of all the non-answer answers or silence Canadians get, most recently on policy towards China and Chinese interference in Canadian elections. Give me a break on this self-focused fool!
(The usual stuff by the usual suspects.)

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I try to wrap my head around Justin Trudeau’s propensity for spending Canadians’ hard earned cash, and remain baffled and disillusioned as it continues unimpeded. I see him tripping through an alpine meadow, basket of money in hand, tossing it here and there, whist frightening off the fairies, unicorns and elves. Meanwhile, in Vancouver along East Hastings Street, the tents of the locals trying to eke out an existence. Or how about Calgary, where a pastor who feeds the homeless is persecuted by the province and city for his charity. Yes, Mr. Trudeau , the money you squander could be better spent in Canada, but then, there would no photo ops, would there?
(Canada has always helped others. It’s part of our DNA, no matter the party.)

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I agree completely with Gord Klassen’s comments Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022, about the monies given seniors. I am 75 and worked from 1964 to receive $1,400 a month. I do not know what you meant with your comment “Hang tough”. Please explain.
(Just words of encouragement in dealing with the issues of today.)

Re: Justin Trudeau’s current road show. It seems Trudeau and crew (was it really over 300 people?) made a pit stop in Tunisia “to support the French language”. I was puzzled as to why Trudeau was shown in “Bilateral discussions” with Francois Legault, the premier of Quebec in Tunisia! It became clear when our Foreign Affairs Minister referred to Mr. Legault as “Prime Minister Legault” as if he was the leader of a foreign country! All while pictures were shown of Trudeau speaking to “world leaders” from other foreign nations, Legault among them. This is going too far! Canadians should be alarmed!
(Canadians are alarmed by a lot of things, including, at times, Quebec.)

The Sun published an article on AHS board member Tony Dagnone. In the article it says he was in AHS leadership roles for decades. He also mentions the board was tackling the wait time issues already. I have one thing to say to the board and Dagnone, prior to COVID (so we can’t use that as an excuse): wait times were growing out of control since at least 2010 being that Dagnone was a leader for decades shows he failed all Albertans. How long were we to wait for changes? How many more decades, doc?
(Don’t expect a fix anytime soon.)

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