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Letters, Nov. 24: ‘What about us single folk, Dani?’

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So, with “Dani dollars”, a family (or senior) struggling to get by on $15,000 a month ($180,000/year) gets at least $100/month (helps with gas for the Lexus), while a single person working for minimum wage gets bupkis! Seems reasonable.
(We get that.)

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I love the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market, but, sadly I won’t be attending this year. I can’t believe the prices they are charging! In the past, seniors were free. Now, $20 for two. Kids are $10 each! And regular folks $15! In this time of hard times, I can’t believe they are charging these prices. I used to see so many kids there, doing their shopping for their parents. Imagine if you have three kids and mom and dad, you’re looking at $60 just to get in. Is this Telus or Spruce Meadows?
(You could give them a call and let them know how you feel.)

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It truly amazes me a politician can be so negative. I know they are supposed to question the elected government but just to disagree with everything said doesn’t help anybody. I don’t know what Rachel Notley problem is but she seems like a very sore loser from last election. If she is this negative now, can only imagine how bad and ugly it could get at election time. Very sad how far she will go. Remember she put Alberta in a $60-billion deficit. Hope people of Alberta see through negative Notley.
(You can always tune it out and lower your stress level. Who in the world listens to their constant outrage?)

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I was flipping channels last evening and stopped on the CBC, which I seldom ever do, but Premier Danielle Smith was giving a talk to Albertans, so I wanted to watch that. It was a good outline of what she’s planning. The one CBC anchor then asked his partner, Sara Galashan, what she thought of what our premier had said. What followed was the typical CBC/Liberal trashing of everything Ms. Smith had said but this Galashan reporter referred to her as Danielle STEELE! Neither anchor person noticed the blunder or chose not to correct the mistake. I’m guessing that Galashan spends a lot of time in the fantasy world of Ms. Steele’s romantic stories, escaping reality just like her idol Trudeau does. His books are children’s ones though.
(We kinda like the nickname, to be honest. And it doesn’t make us think of romance novels.)

Sorry Danielle, we don’t believe you, but nice try on your televised speech Tuesday. As they say, a leopard can not change its spots! We have no doubt that you will continue with your wacko conspiracy theories to the detriment of Albertans. Accusing the federal Liberals of buying votes with their policies and then doing the same thing with yours is an insult to our intelligence. It’s obvious that you are just another politician who has no shame.
(What did you want to hear?)

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