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Letters, Sept. 20: ‘Nice show of respect from Premier Kenney’

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It was very nice indeed to hear that our premier made an unofficial visit to pay tribute to the queen on his own dime. To hear that he stood in line for 14 hours to pay his respects and then immediately flew back to Calgary for meetings was most impressive. For those of us who truly respected and honoured the queen , it meant that at least our premier felt the same way. Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter what political stripe you are, it’s just the right thing to do.
(We remember the political gong show over Nelson Mandela’s funeral. A nice contrast.)

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The eastern media for the most part, particularly the Globe, Toronto Star and CBC, are not only biased against Pierre Poilievre but they are in Justin Trudeau’s back pocket. They have little integrity and are blinded by the fact that Trudeau is ruining this country both from an economic standpoint but also from an international viewpoint. The man has little understanding or care for the average person’s or family’s living conditions and the eastern media buys his rhetoric hook, line and sinker.

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The Sunday Sun’s tribute to our queen includes a photo of Prince Harry looking resplendent in a military uniform. Unmentioned in the article (‘Our guiding hand’) was the fact that his father King Charles signed off on permission for his son to wear the uniform as Harry is not a “working” royal. Meanwhile, there is said to be considerable unease at the palace over the content of Harry’s book of memoirs, set for release this fall, with anxiety they may continue to trash the royal family and further besmirch its reputation. What, one wonders, is driving him? Money? Vengeance? An Oedipal complex?
(Love for the queen does not translate to love and respect for all royals.)

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Reconciliation Bridge may be named to recognize the residential school tragedy, but in the end it is still the property of the city of Calgary. The city is completely within its right to light it up in any colour we like for whatever reason we choose. If it upsets a small group of people, oh well, get over it. You can’t please all people all of the time. The queen was the sovereign monarch of Canada and deserves the respect of Calgarians. Lightning a bridge that belongs to the citizens of Calgary blue for a short time is the least we can do.
(It’s lights on a bridge. How much does this impact our lives?)

Re: Reconciliation Bridge lights. So our city reconciliation guru has decided, maybe in consultation, that Indigenous people would be upset at honouring the queen’s death by lighting the bridge blue on her funeral day. If that is truly their decision, could we not have cancelled our Indigenous Governor General’s tax-paid trip to London for the funeral? After all, one of her stated goals was to continue reconciliation so it seems very hypocritical to attend the funeral.
(She is representing all Canadians.)

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