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Letters, Sept. 21: ‘Unimaginative UCP candidates just bashing Smith’

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As far as I’m concerned, all the anti-Danielle Smith (critics) are simply scared. No platforms or new ideas. Just not Smith’s. Just don’t go with thinking out of the box. Again, where are your ideas, not what is wrong with other ideas.
(She stands alone among contenders.)

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So, the spokesperson for the Calgary Municipal Land Corp. claims that spending $800,000 to replace two East Village self-cleaning toilets wasn’t a mistake, and besides, the cost will be covered by property taxes from residents in the Rivers District. Hopefully, the new, improved toilets won’t need replacing in a few years for possibly millions of dollars. We would like to remind the spokesperson that there’s only one taxpayer!
(Same old same old.)

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I heard on the radio this morning that the Emmys had their lowest TV ratings ever and had to laugh. I think everyone has had it with these award shows and their spoiled, entitled participants getting their expensive gift bags. I think their time has come and gone.
(Self-indulgent crapfest.)

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Flushing good money after bad. Not sure why we need to have $800,000 toilets in East Village, especially when current ones have been a security and maintenance issue. Not sure how the security issue will go away. If we need to use public toilets, you can head over the ones at St. George’s island or at the new and improved Eau Claire. Do not really see the need for them considering the KMs of trails around Calgary with no public facilities. Why do they need them at this location. I have never used one of these toilets but struggle with the self-cleaning aspect of the room. Aside from $800,000 what will be the annual operating cost be and how long for the city taxpayer to recoup their investment in this toilet. Surely we have bigger priorities that just flushing hard-earned taxpayer money
(Recoup their investment?)

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Out of curiosity, I just looked up the official numbers from Statistics Canada about current national demographics. It was an eye-opener to discover that First Nations, Metis and Inuit represent 4.4% of Canadians (June, 2021), those who identify as LGBTQ2+ represent 4% of the populace (March, 2018), Ukrainian refugees are statistically not represented and as of April 2022 senior citizens constituted 19% of the Canadian nose count. While each and every one of these groups is important and deserves respect, an observer might conclude from the daily dose of news about the first three means that seniors have no issues that are worth reporting or does it just mean that senior citizens do not matter? Being of the grey-haired persuasion, I can attest to the fact that life is weighing heavily on our demographic.
(This is an important letter for us all to read. Plenty of Canadians are slipping through the cracks these days and our seniors often are the hardest to notice.)

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