Like a Dragon: Ishin - Here’s What Comes in Each Edition - IGN

Like a Dragon: Ishin – Here’s What Comes in Each Edition – IGN

Like a Dragon: Ishin is heading to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on February 21, 2023. The game is a remake of a samurai spinoff from the Yakuza series, originally released in Japan in 2014. This remake represents the first time Like a Dragon: Ishin has officially mades its way to the West. And it’s available for preorder now (see it at Amazon).

Below, you’ll find where it’s available, how much it costs, what comes in each edition, and more. Read on for the goods.

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Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One


Like a Dragon: Ishin Digital Deluxe Edition

The digital deluxe edition comes with the game itself, plus the following digital items:

  • Kijinmaru Kunishige, a dark sword with a white hilt
  • Tsuyano Usukurenai, a sword soaked in blood
  • Black Ship Cannon, a cannon taken from Western ships
  • Shinsengumi Captain’s Set
  • Ryoma Growth Support Kit
  • Sword Upgrade Materials Kit
  • Gun Upgrade Materials Kit
  • Third Division Armament Expansion Kit
  • The Dragon of Dojima Skin

What Is Like a Dragon: Ishin?

Like a Dragon: Ishin is a remake of a Yakuza spinoff, but it’s set well before the events of the main installments. This game takes place in 1867, so think samurai with katanas rather than gangsters with guns (though, to be honest, there are still gangsters with guns).

Though it takes place in a historical era, Like a Dragon: Ishin maintains many of the hallmarks of the Yakuza franchise, like over-the-top story lines and plenty of side quests and mini-games to tackle throughout. Check out our Like a Dragon: Ishin hands-on preview for more details.

And if you’re wondering about the change in the titles for all the upcoming games in the series, take a look at why Yakuza has been retitled Like a Dragon in the West.

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