Paradox Interactive Announces New Colony Builder in Surviving the Abyss

Paradox Interactive Announces New Colony Builder in Surviving the Abyss

I’m a Survivor

One of the really great things about RTS and builder games is that they can be set anywhere at any time. Space, medieval, alternate timeline; there is a builder for you. Paradox Interactive has made a few of these games and now they have announced a brand new builder called Surviving the Abyss.

Paradox Interactive has also made Surviving Mars and Surviving the Aftermath. Both games are rooted in sci-fi scenarios, but largely operate in similar ways. The newest entry to the series is called Surviving the Abyss. Instead of the surface of the Red Planet or a ravaged Earth, players will be building on the ocean floor.

The setting is 1976; Cold War era. Players are to build underwater facilities for genetics research. Building at the bottom of the sea comes with its inherent risks. However, there are other sinister threats lurking in the dark. The only way to keep them at bay is to keep the lights on.

Surviving the Abyss is kind of an unknown, as far as an official release date goes. The game will go into early access on Steam in mid-January 2023. Both Surviving Mars and Surviving the Aftermath are both on PC and consoles. We will have to wait and see if Abyss comes to consoles as well at some point.

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