PlayStation Gift Cards Are 15% Off for Black Friday: Perfect for PS5 Digital Owners

PlayStation Gift Cards Are 15% Off for Black Friday: Perfect for PS5 Digital Owners

Black Friday has officially arrived on PlayStation. If you've been waiting for an excuse to start your Christmas shopping, or even just to treat yourself with a PlayStation gift card, then now is your chance to shine. You can get 15% off Playstation gift cards worth £25, £50, or £100.

If you cop the £100 gift card you're getting £15 off, can't complain, can you? We've also got info on a great PS Plus offer, as well as a sneaky little hack to get yourself even more money off. Aren't we just the best? For more PS5 deals, check out our full Black Friday deal roundup, or follow @IGNUKDeals on Twitter for instant updates.

Black Friday: Playstation Gift Card Deals on Amazon

These gift cards say they are for FIFA points, but don't worry, you can use the credits on anything you want in the PlayStation Store. This is perfect for those who want to go as digital as possible, or even have a PS5 Digital. Don't forget, PlayStation has also got its own digital game sale on at the moment, so the savings just keep on piling up right now.

Best Black Friday Deals on PS5 and PS4 Digital Games

Extra Money Off PS Plus With This Nifty Trick

Okay, this one can be a tad confusing so stick with me. As well as gift cards being 15% off, PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium tiers are all 25% off at the PS Store at the moment. For example, the Extra tier is down to £63 for 12 months (was £83.99).

So, here's how to make extra savings. All you need to do is grab this gift card from Amazon that's worth £63 in Playstation Credits, but you're only going to be paying £56.70 for it.

So you redeem the gift card, worth £63, and can then use it to buy 12 months of PS Plus Extra – and you've only paid £56.70. This is applicable to every tier, with the corresponding gift card (linked below). Right now, Premium seems like the best discount at £63.88 compared to the original £99.99 list price.

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