The Best Black Friday Robot Vacuum Deal Isn't a Roomba: The Shark AI VACMOP Vacuums and Mops for $188

The Best Black Friday Robot Vacuum Deal Isn't a Roomba: The Shark AI VACMOP Vacuums and Mops for $188

The Walmart Black Friday Sale has kicked into full gear and with it comes the best robot vacuum deal we've seen so far. Surprisingly, it's not a Roomba. Walmart is offering the Shark AI VACMOP Smart Robot Vacuum and Mop for only $188.00, a massive price drop from its original $479 MSRP. This seems to be a Walmart exclusive deal, since it currently sells for at least $300 everywhere else.

Shark AI VACMOP Robot Vacuum and Mop for $188

As its monikor suggests, the Shark VACMOP isn't just a robot vacuum, it's a robot mop as well. That's a godsend for those of us with mostly hard floors. That means it will suck up the debris from your floors and then scrub off all the smeared on grime. This is a good vacuum for homes with pets because the self-cleaning brushroll will pick up pet hair and is able to remove it from the brushroll without manual assistance. The wet floor cleaning is Swiffer-style in that a microfiber brush pad scrubs the floor clean using sonic vibrations, as opposed to the type that sucks up dirty water and stores it in a separate water tank. It works effectively and it requires less moving parts.

The vacuum navigates using LIDAR. LIDAR, or laser guided navigation, is generally considered a more reliable form of navigation than traditional camera or visual SLAM methods because it's more precise, able to distinguish smaller objects, and work in low light conditions. The vacuum also supports smart mapping, so it will be able to map out a room that it cleans and remember where the obstacles are located.

Smart mapping also allows you to target specific areas for you to turn on its "UltraClean" mode, if you think your high traffic areas need more attention. If you have carpeted areas that you want to avoid mopping, you can section off no-mop zones on your smartphone app. The smart function also allows you to schedule the vacuum's cleaning sessions in advance.

To get a Roomba with the same featureset would cost you at least double the price. Don't be stuck on the brand name. Shark robot vacuums are very popular and offer solid reliability and performance at a much more economical price.

Why Is This on IGN?

Good question. Gamers are messy people too, and the less time we have to clean ourselves, the more time we can dedicate to our gaming. This is such a good deal to pass up for what is essentially our generation's version of a robot janitor.

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